Greetings for the year 2024

A new musically fulfilling year for the music forum Sachrang is in front of us and we are with you again our purpose and passion, young Artists in Sachrang receive impulses for their career paths and to organize performance opportunities diverse program developed. At the beginning of our “season” there is a highlight with the “Sachranger Harp Days” on the program. The annual master class by Margit-Anna Süß (harp professor in Graz) with concerts on Weekend May 11th and 12th connected – a small one So festival. Unfortunately we have to go to the master class this year Singing by Helen Donath, who we value so much, waive. But we are very happy that we... wonderful and equally prominent soprano We welcome Juliane Banse, who is at her master class on four intensive days (with final concert) will work with young singers. Ours is also returning after a year's break Sachranger “veteran”, the horn player Johannes Hinterholzer back. With one also on 4 days concentrated horn master class, which of course also includes a final concert – and possibly Alphorn music from the Wildbichlalm again... Finally, like every year, there is the traditional one Master class for oboe – together again this year with Ramon Ortega (solo oboist in the symphony orchestra of the BR) and Hansjörg Schellenberger – also with us the final concert. As a special treat a concert on the Sunday before the master class begins the two teachers and Ramon's wife, the Israeli oboist Tamar Inbar, in the Instrumentation 2 oboes and English horn, take place for the opening of our master class and at the same time should serve as motivation for the oboe students. We have a few concerts throughout the year special features: The one that was so popular last year formation with 8 horn players comes again with one new program. In autumn there is an evening with Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, again on the 2nd Advent the already traditional “paradise game” and finally at the already historic year-end concert a completely newly founded ensemble the light of the world see the “Banda Vecchia”, a group of musicians, those in the most prominent orchestras pursue their careers have completed and after their retirement together with Hansjörg Schellenberger with great enthusiasm and commitment to music want to adorn - the counterpart to all the otherwise in young musicians supported by specialists. Let yourself surprise! I don’t want to forget the “Music Forum Team”, Dieter Höpfner, his wife Gabi and Uschi Havel, this to us in the small village of Sachrang in an exemplary manner volunteers and supports all of our activities contributes, indeed makes it possible in the first place. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Visit us, stay with us!

Hansjörg Schellenberger

Courses and Seminars 2024

Meisterkurs Harfe

margitschellenberger klein

Margit-Anna Süß
Katharina Teufl-Lieli

Meisterkurs Horn

hinterholzer klein

Johannes Hinterholzer

Meisterkurs Oboe
hansjoergschellenberger kleinRamon
Hansjörg Schellenberger
Ramon Ortega Quero

Meisterkurs Gesang


 Juliane Banse